The View From Below

The newly renovated Interior Greenbelt Park atop Mount Sutro.


Fiction, 6/17/11

Richmond Branch Library


Ariel drives a muni bus. He's from Argentina.

6/16/11, The Fourth


99 percent of the time i look out my window, this woman is wondering 6th avenue, in search of the 44.

REPOST, 2/5/11

Paul Piancone and David Pan watch Super Bowl XLV at the roller rink in Golden Gate Park on Sunday, Feb. 5. The park is closed to motorists on Sunday so people can roam and play freely. "It's a real cool vibe," said Pan. Here's a photo from earlier this year that I quite like. My flickr account only allows me to upload a total of 200 pictures, and this is #200, so it must be revived!

Roller bike, 5/29/11

Sunday Streets in Golden Gate Park.